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A real tale of travelling with an anxiety disorder

  I haven’t published any post for more than a year now so quite obviously I couldn’t bring my blog back to life with something of the likes of “Five steps to travel cheap in SE Asia”. Honestly speaking, writing about my struggles backpacking with a mental health issue was long overdue both in my mind and heart. Just a couple of days ago I was fired from my job. Given that it feels a bit ... CLICK HERE TO READ MORE...

Trek to Lake 69

  Having miscalculated the time required to travel around the Southern region of Peru through the Andes Mountain Range and its windy roads, I was almost at the end of my month backpacking trip in Peru and already with a heavy heart I had to abandon the idea to travel to the depths of the Amazon. Still with a few days left until my return flight to London, I knew from my current location in ... CLICK HERE TO READ MORE...