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A bit about me…

Hola! My full name is Montserrat and as you may have possibly guessed (or not) by my unpronounceable name, I’m 100% Spanish like the Paella and also an adopted British (I’ve been living in London on/off for many years)
I wished I could say that at 20-something I realised that routine wasn’t made for me and left to travel the world and never looked back but I’m afraid this is not exactly how it happened!



Young enough I left Spain for the UK and discovered a world full of possibilities, something like the American Dream but in a quieter smaller scale European style. I worked my way up in London cleaning a lot of toilets and serving a lot of breakfast. Let’s say that my senses were woken up while living in London as I started to see a world full of opportunities.

After some solo escapes to the USS and some European capitals, my wanderlusting was starting to kick off and I knew I wanted more, which brought me to end up working as a crew member in big cruise liners sailing away and LOVED it. I never thought I would see so much of the world. I fell in love with other continents and there and then, something clicked inside me, just like that; I knew wanted to travel the world.
Since then, I have made of that my mission.


For a long time I felt a lot of pressure from society as all I could hear was that I had to be ambitious and build a career becoming part of the “rat race” but THAT was making me highly miserable, well, the idea of it actually, because in my life the only top I have reached have been the mountains I climbed.
In summary, not so long ago and passed my thirties I realised that ambition is a very ambiguous word and I decided that I would give it my own personal meaning;


“My ambition is to know the world by travelling in and around it, to inspire others to follow their dreams, to write with honesty about it, to watch as many sunsets as I can for as long as I can, to feel free, to fill my heart and soul with moments of truth, to live humbly and get older with fewer possessions and more memories”


Why “I say lets go”?

I can’t even remember how the name came to me but what I can say is that my blog’s name is my motto; wherever and whenever I want to go, I work hard to make it happen. I don’t let any doubts or fear stopping me and hence why “I say lets go” because not going it is just not a possibility. 

Finally, some very silly facts about me…

I’m obsessed with sweets and I’m ashamed to say that I’ve lost count  of how many times my dinner has been (and still is) a packet of biscuits already passed my thirties…
I love coffee and I’m guilty as hell to very moody in destinations where I’m not able to drink coffee. VERY!
I absolutely love the backpacking lifestyle and I will never look back. Ever heart of an 80 year old nomad? Well….that would be me one day!
I dread taxi drivers in SE Asia, they are my worst nightmare.  I’m can be the politeness personalized but I become Mr Hyde when I deal with them! Uff…
I love the simple life and too much luxury makes me uncomfortable….mmm OK, maybe not always!
I love writing and more than anything, I love being super honest when I do. There’s already too much hypocrite politeness out there, don’t you think?
I think I will be single forever because who can put up with my free spirit but myself?
I encourage in my posts to experience romance with locals if possible (or IF single) and I always write about my own experiences without any makeover. You know what they say…”Be passionately curious”!! (boxed ticked 🙂
It may not look like, but I am a hopeless romantic only that romance doesn’t find me often. What to do? What to do?
I like to think that I got rid of my Spanish accent but I’ve been told that nope, apparently I haven’t. Mind you, I only feel good about it when I’m told that I sound like Sofia Vergara (still waiting that someone tells me I look like her, too…)
I hate computers and having a blog can be a real nightmare sometimes but other than that, I love and live for my blog! It just makes me VERY happy
I suffer from anxiety occasionally but I like to think that I’m a good example that we can overcome difficulties and make the most of things even with issues floating around our heads
I fall in love all the time, hence why my heart is perpetually broken
I like dancing and I like to be silly in a really shameless way, it keeps me young and energized!
I’m in love with SE Asia and especially with Thailand, which holds a massive spot in my heart. My aim is to live there one day. I’d marry it if I could!

Well, this is me, now I’d love to know who you are. Get in touch and say hi! 