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Travel struggles that make you stronger




“Never let a stumble on the road be the end of the journey”

Have you ever been far away from home in a country that surprised, scared or shocked you all at once? Have you been challenged in your travels or have the circumstances been difficult to handle? And have you ever being in a country that you dreamt endlessly to visit only to find yourself there and wishing you could go back home, even if this feeling lasted for only ten seconds just to realized right away of your own stupidity for wanting such thing?

When someone you know finally leaves the comforts of home behind with the only company of a backpack and head towards the unknown, you are right to admire this person for doing so. Believe me that whichever adventures or tales your friend brings back home, this person has occasionally struggled accomplishing the dream of heading towards the unknown to become familiar with an unfamiliar world.

There are so many ways you can choose to visit the world but not all of them will present you with the same difficulties, therefore you must decide what kind of person you wish to be. Do you want to be the traveller or you want to be the tourist? Whichever option you choose, your trip regardless how to decide to experience it, will change you forever never seeing your surroundings again with the same eyes.

If you choose to be a traveller, then you choose for your journey to be design by spontaneity, interactions with strangers, random conversations and a desire to discover. You also choose to feel sometimes lonely, insecure, maybe afraid, and doubtful and fearing that the freedom that lays ahead of you may feel sometimes too overwhelming to deal with. Having the world at your feet waiting to be explored can initially paralyze you with fear, and then the fear becomes excitement, hope and fills you with a happiness that feels different from the one that new experience in small bits at home. Travelling often makes everything just overwhelming, even the desire to talk about this new found feeling of happiness to the point where it’s easier to keep experiencing it instead of trying to explain it.

I can only tell you about my own struggles that have made me stronger and defined my personality.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, if you take your backpack and head towards a destination that you have only read or heard about it, there will be moments that will present you with difficulties but those are the moments that will make you stronger and ultimately, make you better, stronger because by being far away, alone, in a strange country and being able to deal and solve challenges alone, that’s the most wonderful powerful feeling that you may experience and also as a valuable life lesson.

My trips have changed me so positively making me become a much stronger, confident and spontaneous person that I ever though I could be. My daily life has never taught me that, neither college or commuting between jobs. This is something that I have learnt when I took my backpack, flown some place I was never before, got out of the plane and panicked for five minutes trying hard to look confident because I only had myself to help me if I got into trouble. These are all great feelings, I guarantee you. I did not disappoint myself and neither would because we possess a confidence that we don’t know is in us until we have to find it.

 Here’s why; because a life of routine is a life of comfort. It is not a life bad lived but it is a life that lacks excitement, that sort of excitement that wakes up your soul and makes you dance under the rain, swim on the Ocean at night and kiss a stranger. When you are out there, there is in you a desire to live intensively that takes you to wonderful place, both internally and externally.

In between intense moments, there will be some of them where you will travel alone and feel almost physical pain in your heart for not having a friend and be able to share a feeling or a moment, for not receiving a kind word on a tough day. There will also be days when there is not good accommodation to be found, buses will break down, no one to interact with or be kind towards you, you may fall badly, injure yourself or just a have a bad day and then, those ten seconds of stupidity will set in and you will wish that you could be home instead.

BUT the sun comes up again always bigger and brighter. Wonderful days will come and the trip will continue with new friends, great food to try and suddenly you’ll find yourself in an enchanted little village where you’ll feel you could spend the rest of your life and none of those things will matter any more because you have never lost the essence of the travel but learnt that there is no journey without struggles.


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