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Children that smile



I have always believed that a smile is the most simple and yet beautiful thing that we can do with our faces; it expresses so much that sometimes a smile is all you need instead of words.  I have sometimes slightly twisted my lips and yet I have managed to express intense gratitude, sadness and so much happiness, also desire and pleasure. My lips have draw feelings of intense joy that I could have not expressed otherwise.

I felt that it spoke the words that I could not express through my mouth and I decided to present myself to the world with it, surely no one would refuse a smile?

But this first world we live in is slowly loosing the beautiful simple touches that lack material value, the ones that touch the soul, the simplicity of a warm gesture such a smile.


What have we become by valuing more something that you can buy over a gesture that is so simple and yet so powerful?  Is this the world that we want to live in? I knew that it wasn’t the world that I wanted to live in, needing to search to keep believing in the magic of a smile.

I decided to travel far away, I was determined to find those little touches of magic that could come at no price or in exchange or something, I knew that somewhere, somehow I would reached a place that would make me recover my faith in the magic of a smile and the human warmth.

I came across marvellous places that make this earth the captivating place it is;  I learned to interact with exotic people that spoke in unfamiliar languages through a smile, that unspoken and yet international language we all learn when our days are full of joy, freedom and nonsense, when life is still thrilling and amusing, when our spirits feel wild, playful and free; a smile is born on every child because only the innocence of a child can afford to smile to anyone without caring whom receives it.


Paradoxically, I found that the most genuine smiles came from those with little; it seemed to me that the less they owned, the biggest the smile. Could it be then possible that extreme humility was the secret to eternal happiness? I was discovering a world that confused me. I had back at home everything and yet I was consumed by sadness often. Would it be possible that those children with their smiley faces and damaged clothes were holding a secret that escaped us?

I hold a very special moment in my heart, moments full of smiles; it happened in a mountain village in Laos, where the years had stopped, where I found a simple happy community of people living life at its simplest, the sort of life far so far away from the world as we know it that some people would only be able to imagine it in dreams and yet it was so real, so vivid. That fascinating place new nothing of electricity, of  silly objects that must be charged every ten minutes…

In this mesmerizing place I found happy children, genuine happy children. These children played with toys made by them from wood. They smiled as I have never seen anyone do it before. Their laughs were like music to me and I knew there and then that no matter where I would go or how many toys I could buy to a child in our first world society, our children will never smile like them.

And it gave me hope again to believe that the magic of a smile is still alive.


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