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I wish I could tell you that I have 10.000 followers in Facebook , about 20.000 in Instagram and so on but NOPE, I don’t or at least, not yet! However what I DO have is a fair amount of readers out there that seem to like my honesty.

While this blog improves, grows and develops, I would love to interact, talk, exchange emails and everything else in between with like minded people, fellow travellers or any curious individual. If you fall into any of those categories (and you should if you breathe and can communicate) then get in touch. Let’s talk!

Unlike others, I’m not slow in replying because I love writing so leave a comment, a question or a feedback. I will not only thank you but gladly engage with you.

At any time, any moment and any year, I’ll be delighted to hear from you, just drop me a line on my email or the comment box at the bottom.


There are a few ways where you can reach/follow/stalk me! These are the options and they will be growing at the same speed as my blog; stay tuned for updates.

If you think Facebook is a window to the world join mine, you’ll get a whole door;

FACEBOOK: Isayletsgo

If you prefer a virtual “one way” conversation, then check my words of wisdom (I’m clearly joking) on my Youtube channel;

YOUTUBE: Montserrat isayletsgo

If you believe in the power of a good image to get inspired and start dreaming, you can’t miss my Instagram. I post daily and my pics provide instant “feel good” sensations. Find me here;

INSTAGRAM: isayletsgo

If you don’t like people who blah blah blah too much, then you are a Twitter son/daughter. For brief and intense, find me here;

TWITTER: Montserrat Martinez @isayletsgo

If images wake in you an unstoppable willingness to pack and go, then you’ll definitely enjoy my colourful world pics and inspirational sentences in Pinterest;

PINTEREST: Montserrat Isayletsgo



I’m all up for any collaboration and advertising in the travel industry. I may even do one or two things for free until I become a celebrity blogger (ha!) but until then….make the most of my TALENT because free will be brief…!

Likewise, I can promote any brand & travel product, accommodation, airline, travel website…you name it! Most of all, because I’m a massive user of them all myself and if the product is good, so will be my text and pictures (*I’ll only promote products that I have tried first and believe in)

(Soon to come: new Facebook page, Bloglovin and Snapchap)


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