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Detailed itinerary and expenses of one month in Indonesia


For anyone out there who may  be thinking to visit amazing Indonesia, I have created this post with as much  detailed information as I can offer in regards my expenses for one month  duration (28 days exactly)

Of course, how much or how little you spend will depend  on a wide variety of reasons; for instance if you travel with a partner or a friend where expenses are shared. Some of mines  below could be split into two, which gives you way more daily budget that I had only  for myself.

These are my general expenses determined by an itinerary that I had not really planned in advance. I guess you could say that I sort of went with the flow and it didn’t go bad at all!


If I may throw an advice, it would be to go with the flow in Indonesia. By all means, there are some important sights that would be a pity to miss, but other than that, if you have time (at least a month) then I suggest that you try out places and see how you feel. As an example, I did not plan to stop in Pandangaran, however I ended up there and my trip took a wonderful  turn because I felt  unexpectedly in love with the place and the people I met. I found that particularly backpacking, the less you plan the better it is!

Pandangaran is actually a village that guide books don’t give much credit for however it is that one place where I could have easily hang around for several days doing nothing but just enjoying the vibe and simplicity of the place, the beautiful sorroundings and its people. Said that, go with your guts and head to where it feels right for you to be but don’t be strict on a planned route if time is not an issue for you.

I have divided the expenses by:

(Please note that I have paid with different currencies)
Visa on arrival for one month: $35.00 (453.000 IDR)
Flight Bali to Jakarta: £42.60 (849.000 IDR)
One luggage to check in in flight Bali to Jakarta:  315.000 IDR

Flight Jakarta to Singapore: £26.00 (very cheap as I bought it when the Air Asia plane just crashed)

Not included in my total expenses Flight London to Jakarta one way: £423.00


Bus Jakarta to Bogor: 55.000 IDR

Taxi Bogor Bus Station to Guest House: 50.000 IDR (the driver was asking me 100.000 because he got lost and took it forever to find it but I refused to pay that)

Bus Bogor to Bandung: 60.000 IDR

Taxi Bandung Bus Station to Guest House: 100.000 (he asked me for much more but I also refused in this case, we pre agreed on 100.000)

Bus Bandung to Pandangaran: 63.000 IDR

Moto Taxi Pandangaran Bus Station to Guest House: 30.000 IDR

Return bus to Cijuland: 40.000 IDR

Minivan transfer from Pandangaran to Train Station and train to Yogyakarta: 150.000 IDR

Train Yogyakarta to Surabaya: 140.000 IDR

Train Surabaya to Probbolingo: 105.000 IDR

Van Probbolingo to Cemara Lawang both ways: 75.000 IDR (35.000 to go and 40.000 to return as the van was not full and they increased our ticket)

Train Probbolingo to Banyuwangi: 70.000 IDR

Ferry to Bali: 8.000 IDr

Bus Java to Denpasar: 150.000 IDR

Minivan to Denpasar Bus Station (as bus dropped at theoutskirts of Denpasar for unknown reasons): 20.000 IDR

Minivan from Denpasar Bus Station to somewhere between Denpasar and Ubud (can’t remember the name): 40.000 IDR

Moto Taxi from this “somewhere” to Ubud: 50.000 IDR

Transfer and fast boat from Ubud to Gili Air: 275.000 IDR

Boat Gili Air to Gili Trawagan: 85.000 IDR

Fast boat from Gili Trawagan and shuttle transfer to Kuta: 300.000 IDR

Moto Taxi from Kuta to Airport: 50.000 IDR

TOTAL: 1.916.000 IDR


Bogor Botanical Garden: 25.000 IDR

Green Canyon/Green Valley Tour on a motorbike: 300.000 IDR

Transfer Burubundur: 70.000 IDR

Entrance Burubundur: 250.000 IDR

Yogyakarta Royal Palace: 7.000 IDR

All day tour by motorbike from Kuta to Bali main temples: 350.000 IDR

Total temple entrances (four in total): 90.000 IDR

Motorbike tour from Kuta to Uluwatu Temple: 170.000 IDR

Uluwatu Temple entrance: 30.000 IDR

TOTAL: 1.292.000 IDR


Bogor GH (two nights at 125.000 per night): 250.000 IDR

Bandung GH (1 night): 110.000 IDR

Pandangaran GH (four nights at 150.000): 600.000 IDR

Yogyakarta GS (3 nights at 100.000): 300.000 IDR

Cemara Lawang (one night): 150.000 IDR

Bayuwangi (1 night): 100.000 IDR

Ubud (5 nights booked and paid online through $58.00 (752.000 IDR)

Gili Air (two nights at 150.000 per night): 300.000 IDR

Gili Trawagan (three nights at 150.000): 450.000 IDR

Kuta (five nights at 130.000 each): 650.000 IDR

TOTAL: 3.662.000 IDR


Airport departure tax Bali to Jakarta: 75.000 IDR

Lunch/dinner/coffees/biscuits (lots!)/drinks/hygiene products/medication: 80.000 IDR per day

Bike rental for three days in Ubud (40.000 per day): 120.000 IDR

One day bike rental in Gili Air: 30.000 IDR

One day bike rental in Gili Trawagan: 40.000 IDR

Other minor transfers: 41.500 IDR

Couple of dinners with friends: 130.000 IDR

Laundry Ubud: 40.000 IDR

TOTAL: 2.900.000 IDR approx


  • IDR:  11.387.000
  • $:  878.00
  • £:  576.00
  • €:  797.00

(not included flight from London to Jakarta and also flight from Jakarta to Singapore)

Tips  to make your trip cheaper:

Instead of flying back from Bali to Jakarta, use public transportation if you have the time and preferably take as many trains as possible to make your way back. Alternatively, purchase your fly ticket early if you can, I did it just a few days before the date I wanted to travel and I didn’t get a bad deal. Air Asia is a great company and affordable prices can be found if booked in advance.

If you possess driving lessons, rent a motorbike instead of renting a motorbike and a driver to take you around, you’ll save lots! (note that in Bali many motorbikes shops ask for driving lessons in order to allow you renting them and police in Bali are quite unpopular  due to the fact that they often stop Westerners riding bikes and ask for money – (this topic is all over the Internet, check it out and get good tips to pay less if you are stopped!)

Use Coachsurfing from time to time to get more involved with locals, build friendships and let your wallet breathe a little.

Walk out of the city centers and look for local Warungs where the locals eat. Delicious food and very cheap!

Get your coffee for 5.000 IDR from local women sitting on  the street selling goodies. They have terms and can prepare you a delicious coffee  in two seconds for next to nothing.

I suggest that accommodation for expensive and increasingly popular destinations such as Ubud, is better to pre-book it online as soon as you can, it will save you money and stress.

If the bus drops you in a bus terminal in the middle of nowhere, always pre confirm with the driver the taxi price before heading off to a hostel and stick to what you agreed. Said that, Blue Bird meter taxis are the best as long as they put the meter on (ask!) but  they are not always around (except for Kuta where they  seem to be everywhere)

I hope this post is useful and shows you that travel, as you have probably read many times by now, doesn’t have to be expensive. You know what the say…”collect moments, no possessions”.



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