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My faith in you is stronger than your own ignorance



In the last few months some tumultuous events have occurred in our precious world and with each decision, life lost, contempt and damage occurred, our faith and humanity have been subjected to extreme tests. Surprisingly, we never seem to run out of those traits which I personally believe, help us to alleviate an upmost generalised feeling of anguish.

 I do have the choice to very selfishly keep living the only life I know these days, one of safety and oblivion almost like if we live in a parallel world of those who cannot longer enter our bubble of comfort because they have been touched with a pinch of fucked up reality.

 I could wake up and spend valuable time in non relevant stuff for the sake of looking the best I can look instead of being the best I can be or  I could close my door, grab a newspaper and immerse myself in this current shitty world  trying my best to understand the incomprehensible, to provide some sort of mad explanation to why we kill each other, hate each other and discriminate each other but instead, I opt to pick up my fancy smartphone and immerse myself in people life’s that are full of nothingness.

 I could do something or I could do not much but I could definitely do is to choose to live life differently. Instead, I stop at the next Starbucks I can find, a bubble of privileged people and a pantomime place of false diplomacy. I order an unpronounceable smart drink and pay a small fortune of money that somewhere else in the world could sustain a family for days.

 I work for a company I don’t care about that gets richer as the same speed that many become miserable. I flirt on the copy machine, drink tasteless coffee to provide some sense to the endless hours of non brain activity and plan outings I don’t want to go with people I don’t even like.

 People join my bubble of meaningless comfort, it keeps rolling in all directions with no direction, it never mixes with the fucked up reality that rolls just parallel to it. It’s a great bubble to be in, so you think, but not as good you would like it to be because it still enables you to see through it.

 You see them blurry but you can’t ignore them as they aren’t there, because those shadows move and breathe just like you but paradoxically, there are not; they’re fucked up, someone exploded their bubbles for reasons that aren’t reasons and they are not longer protected as you are.

You’re pretty sure that your bubble is strong and indestructible, you’ll never be them or so you think. You’re different but I’m pretty sure they thought just that once in their lives, too. It never occurs to you that you are no one special than the ones on the fucked up side of life, but the truth is that you are not special or better, that you’re just lucky because you were born here and not there, your skin is violet and theirs is pink, you were given rights and theirs were removed without asking for their permission, because you are a baby of democracy and they are of a dictatorship or belong to nobody’s land.

 Don’t be tough on yourself and forgive your ignorance; it has been fed to you covered in glitter and lively colours. Don’t lose faith in yourself because if you do, you will lose faith in humanity.

 Personally, I don’t want your bubble to explode and leave you exposed in a cruel world but I want you to drag people with it and made them roll with you at  exactly your same speed.

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