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Leaving parents behind to travel; Am I selfish? (dealing with the feelings of guilt)

What do you do when you are born with a spirit of adventure, a restlessness attitude, an untamed and rebellious heart that is drastically incompatible with the life your parents have envisioned for you even long before you learnt how to walk? How do you deal with a conflict of interests, a disagreement on how to live your life but mostly, how do you survive an abysmal generational gap of ideas ... CLICK HERE TO READ MORE...

Why cruising is the ultimate holiday adventure

Cruise holidays can lead to multiple misconceptions. As an ex-crew member  I'll dispel for you some of the myths around holidays on a cruise liner.  If we look back in history, cruise ships as we know them today are only about fifty years old. Way back, passengers used them to cross the Atlantic; these were mail ships that with time developed into cruise liners; Titanic or Queen Mary, ... CLICK HERE TO READ MORE...